The Moscow deception

Written by Karen Robards Quick Search Icon ISBN: 9780778330745

Clever, cunning and highly skilled theres only one Bianca St. Ives and dont you dare forget it. Bianca St. Ives was recently put through the wringer, but she came out the same way she always does the way her father trained her to hungry for a fight. Still navigating the fallout from a shocking revelation thats left a network of assassins crosshairs trained on her, Biancas ready to take fate into her own hands. Its kill or be killed, and shes got her finger flush against the trigger.But as Bianca races to outmaneuver her tireless pursuers, her father loops her in on a job that might just do the trick: recover King Priams Treasure, a collection of heavily guarded, priceless artifacts stolen by the Russians during World War II, and return it to Germany. Impossible? Maybe for some, but a high-risk heist is all in a days work for Bianca St. Check Availability Quick Search Icon

Icon  Posted on Thursday, June 14 2018
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