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Liza's second chance

Written by Molly Jebber Quick Search Icon

The sweet welcome of straight-from-the-oven sugar cookies and hot cocoa. The warm invitation of apple pie and fresh cold milk. In 1912 Ohio, the Amish... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Paper ghosts : a novel of suspense

Written by Julia Heaberlin Quick Search Icon

"An elderly man with dementia, once acquitted of a terrible murder and suspected in many others, is removed from his assisted-living facility by... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Restore me

Written by Tahereh Mafi Quick Search Icon

Juliette Ferrars thought shed won. She took over Sector 45, was named the new Supreme Commander of North America, and now has Warner by her side. But... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Scones and scoundrels

Written by Molly MacRae Quick Search Icon

When an American visitor staying at the B&B above Yon Bonnie Books is found dead and a recently returned native of Inversgail, Daphne Wood, dies from... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Shallow grave

Written by Karen (Karen S Harper Quick Search Icon

Volunteering with a support group for children affected by domestic violence, forensic psychologist Claire Britten, aided by partner Nick Markwood, in... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Shelter in place

Written by Nora Roberts Quick Search Icon

It was a typical evening at a mall outside Portland, Maine. Three teenage friends waited for the movie to start. A boy flirted with the girl selling s... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Spring forward

Written by Catherine (Adeline Catherine) Anderson Quick Search Icon

"In Mystic Creek, Oregon, Tanner Richards and Crystal Malloy cross paths as they both try to help Crystal's grandfather, who constantly skirt... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Starting from scratch

Written by Kate (Novelist) Lloyd Quick Search Icon

"An Old Flame Brings a Spark of New Hope En Alt Maedel--an old maid. At age twenty-nine, that's what Eva Lapp considers herself. And who cou... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Steal away home

Written by Billy Coffey Quick Search Icon

"Owen Cross grew up with two loves: one a game, the other a girl. One of those loves ruined him. Now he's counting on the other to save him.... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018

Texas fierce

Written by Janet Dailey Quick Search Icon

He came home to sell his family's failing ranch, but once twenty-year-old Bull Tyler sets foot on the Rimrock, he's determined to tame the rug... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/4/2018
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