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Starring: Tom Cruise Quick Search Icon, Domhnall Gleeson Quick Search Icon, Sarah Wright Quick Search Icon, Jesse Plemons Quick Search Icon, Caleb Landry Jones Quick Search Icon, Lola Kirke Quick Search Icon. UPC: 025192316180

A pilot lands work for the CIA and as a drug runner in the south during the 1980s. "Kudos are due to Liman and Spinelli... for honing the script into a reasonably manageable two-hour romp around the Byzantine conspiracy-caper seen through the eyes of Seal."--Hollywood Reporter "Seal is not a likable guy exactly. He's actually kind of a greedy, amoral dirtbag. Which is why Liman and screenwriter Gary Spinelli need someone like Cruise to sell him. And sell him he does."--Tom Cruise "Doug Liman's electric film is clear-eyed about the cynicism and corruption beneath its hero's anxious grin. It voraciously breaks down both the star and the country he has symbolized for so much of his career."--Village Voice Check Availability Quick Search Icon

Icon  Posted on Friday, January 05 2018
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