13-Feature Paranormal Collection

Starring: Joseph Fiennes Quick Search Icon, Ray Liotta Quick Search Icon, Gretchen Mol Quick Search Icon, Jack Nicholson Quick Search Icon, Michael Caine Quick Search Icon, Cheryl Ladd Quick Search Icon, Diane Keen Quick Search Icon, Billy Zane Quick Search Icon, Ann Margret Quick Search Icon, Dennis Hopper Quick Search Icon, Tricia Helfer Quick Search Icon, Dan Aykroyd Quick Search Icon, Boris Karloff Quick Search Icon. UPC: 096009478445

Creepy stories of twisted desires and treacherous schemes, mysterious alien visitors and fearless investigators, in a collection that is certain to please all horror fans. Movies include: Forever Mine; The Little Shop of Horrors; Jekyll & Hyde; Memory; Chronicles of the Paranormal: PSI Factor Six; The Veil Two; Phantom of Space. Check Availability Quick Search Icon

Icon  Posted on Friday, November 02 2018
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