Skate Kitchen

Starring: Rachelle Vinberg Quick Search Icon, Jaden Smith Quick Search Icon, Kabrina Adams Quick Search Icon, Tom Bruno Quick Search Icon, Thaddeus Daniels Quick Search Icon. UPC: 876964016438

Camille is an introverted eighteen-year-old skateboarder who lives on Long Island with her single mother. She discovers 'The Skate Kitchen', a subculture of girls whose lives revolve around skating, and bravely seeks them out. The rambunctious big-city girls quickly adopt the naive Camille as part of their gang. However, she soon learns the complexity of friendship when she befriends a boy (Smith) from a rival group of skaters. "'Skate Kitchen' is unfailingly compassionate to, and genuinely appreciative of, the people it chronicles."--New York Times "It is first and foremost an irresistible hangout movie, offering a thoroughly millennial, verite spin on '80s skater classics like 'Thrashin'."--Variety "Stellar. A joyful, authentic hangout movie."--USA Today Check Availability Quick Search Icon

Icon  Posted on Tuesday, November 20 2018
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