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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix Quick Search Icon, Jonah Hill Quick Search Icon, Rooney Mara Quick Search Icon, Jack Black Quick Search Icon, Carrie Brownstein Quick Search Icon, Udo Kier Quick Search Icon.

On the rocky path to sobriety after a life-changing accident, John Callahan discovers the healing power of art, willing his injured hands into drawing... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/12/2018


Starring: Fionn Whitehead Quick Search Icon, Damien Bonnard Quick Search Icon, Aneurin Barnard Quick Search Icon, James Bloor Quick Search Icon, Tom Hardy Quick Search Icon, Harry Styles Quick Search Icon.

A World War II thriller about the evacuation of Allied troops from the French city of Dunkirk before Nazi forces can take hold. "Nolan's feat... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/12/2018

Eighth Grade

Starring: Elsie Fisher Quick Search Icon, Josh Hamilton Quick Search Icon, Emily Robinson Quick Search Icon, Jake Ryan Quick Search Icon.

A teenager tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school. "Eighth Grade" is a simpl... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/12/2018

Three Identical Strangers


The astonishing true story of three men who make the chance discovery, at the age of nineteen, that they are identical triplets, separated at birth an... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/12/2018

7 Witches

Starring: Persephone Apostolou Quick Search Icon, Megan Hensley Quick Search Icon, Macall Gordon Quick Search Icon, Kris Keppeler Quick Search Icon.

As their big day approaches Cate and Cody should be celebrating, they've got their family with them, they've rented an island for the big day,... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018


Starring: Eli Roth Quick Search Icon, Andrea Osvart Quick Search Icon, Natasha Yarovenko Quick Search Icon, Lorenza Izzo Quick Search Icon, Ariel Levy Quick Search Icon.

For an American tourist, nicknamed Gringo by his two Chilean pals Ariel and Pollo, the trip has been heaven on earth. Gringo's luck seems to chang... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018

Breaking In

Starring: Gabrielle Union Quick Search Icon, Billy Burke Quick Search Icon, Richard Cabral Quick Search Icon, Ajiona Alexus Quick Search Icon, Levi Meaden Quick Search Icon, Mark Furze Quick Search Icon, Jason George Quick Search Icon, Christa Miller Quick Search Icon.

A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion.

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018



Based on the award-winning, international best-selling novel by Tim Winton, Simon Bakers directorial debut follows two teenage boys, Pikelet and Looni... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018

Ernie & Cerbie

Starring: Brogan Kelly Hall Quick Search Icon, Leland Jones Quick Search Icon, Keegan Michael Hunt Quick Search Icon, Arlen Griffin Quick Search Icon.

Detective Myers who can't find any history of Ernie and is puzzled by their sudden appearance and launches an investigation. With no record and no... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018

Leave No Trace

Starring: Thomasin Mckenzie Quick Search Icon, Ben Foster Quick Search Icon, Jeffery Rifflard Quick Search Icon, Michael Draper Quick Search Icon, Derek John Drescher Quick Search Icon, Peter Simpson Quick Search Icon.

Will and his teenage daughter, Tom, have lived off the grid for years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. When their idyllic life is shattered, both a... read more »

Icon  Posted on 10/8/2018
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