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Killing Reagan

Starring: Tim Matheson Quick Search Icon, Cynthia Nixon Quick Search Icon, Joel Murray Quick Search Icon, Zachary Vazquez Quick Search Icon, Patrick St. Esprit Quick Search Icon.

Just two months into his presidency, Ronald Reagan lay near death after a gunman's bullet came within an inch of his heart. His recovery was nothi... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017

La La Land

Starring: Ryan Gosling Quick Search Icon, Emma Stone Quick Search Icon, Rosemarie Dewitt Quick Search Icon.

A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. This original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing dreams. &... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017


Starring: Rooney Mara Quick Search Icon, Nicole Kidman Quick Search Icon, Dev Patel Quick Search Icon, David Wenham Quick Search Icon, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Quick Search Icon, Sunny Pawar Quick Search Icon, Eamon Farren Quick Search Icon.

At only five years old, Saroo Brierley got lost on a train in India. Unable to read or write or recall the name of his hometown or even his own last n... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017


Starring: Ruth Negga Quick Search Icon, Joel Edgerton Quick Search Icon, Will Dalton Quick Search Icon.

The story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, whose challenge of their anti-miscegenation arrest for their marriage in Virginia led... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017

New Life

Starring: James Marsters Quick Search Icon, Terry O'Quinn Quick Search Icon, Barry Corbin Quick Search Icon, Bill Cobbs Quick Search Icon, Kris Lemche Quick Search Icon, Erin Bethea Quick Search Icon, Jonathan Patrick Moore Quick Search Icon, Drew Waters Quick Search Icon, Irma P. Hall Quick Search Icon.

Benjamin Morton's life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door. Ava was and always would be the girl of his dreams. What began as... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017

Office Christmas Party

Starring: Jason Bateman Quick Search Icon, Olivia Munn Quick Search Icon, T. J. Miller Quick Search Icon, Jennifer Aniston Quick Search Icon, Kate Mckinnon Quick Search Icon, Courtney B. Vance Quick Search Icon, Jillian Bell Quick Search Icon, Vanessa Bayer Quick Search Icon.

When the CEO tries to close her hard-partying brother's branch, he and his Chief Technical Officer must rally their co-workers and host an epic of... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017


Starring: Ksenia Solo Quick Search Icon, Jennette Mccurdy Quick Search Icon, Nathan Parsons Quick Search Icon, Gary J. Tunnicliffe Quick Search Icon, Denise Garcia Quick Search Icon, Irene Roseen Quick Search Icon.

Sweet, lonely Seth spends his days working in an animal shelter. He has a chance encounter with beautiful woman, Holly, who awakens something within h... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017


Starring: Anthony Hopkins Quick Search Icon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Quick Search Icon, Abbie Cornish Quick Search Icon, Colin Farrell Quick Search Icon, Matt Gerald Quick Search Icon, Jose Pablo Cantillo Quick Search Icon.

When FBI Special Agent Joe Merriwether is unable to solve a series of homicides, he enlists the help of former colleague Dr. John Clancy, a retired ph... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017

Spin Out

Starring: Xavier Samuel Quick Search Icon, Morgan Griffin Quick Search Icon, Christie Whelan Quick Search Icon, Emma Booth Quick Search Icon, Matilda Brown Quick Search Icon.

Billy and Lucy have grown up together in a small, close-knit country town, where they form one of the town's most formidable off-road driving team... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017

The Bronx Bull

Starring: William Forsythe Quick Search Icon, Joe Mantegna Quick Search Icon, Tom Sizemore Quick Search Icon, Paul Sorvino Quick Search Icon, Mojean Aria Quick Search Icon, Penelope Ann Miller Quick Search Icon.

Based on the tumultuous real-life experiences of legendary boxing champion Jake LaMotta, it is a dramatic and stylized biopic with an outstanding ense... read more »

Icon  Posted on 4/25/2017
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