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Remember the Goal

Starring: Allee-Sutton Hethcoat Quick Search Icon, Quinn Alexis Quick Search Icon.

A young female coach fresh out of college takes over the cross country program at an all girls' Christian school and attempts to lead them to thei... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018


Starring: Stephen Baldwin Quick Search Icon, David Delao Quick Search Icon, Joemer Dulatre Quick Search Icon.

Dramatic love story of two talented architects, Chase and Scarlett. Their dreams for the future are abruptly ended when Scarlett is diagnosed with can... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018

Strangers, The: Prey at Night

Starring: Christina Hendricks Quick Search Icon, Bailee Madison Quick Search Icon, Martin Henderson Quick Search Icon.

A family staying in a secluded mobile home park for the night are visited by three masked psychopaths, to test their every limit. "...a stylish 1... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018

The Hurricane Heist

Starring: Toby Kebbell Quick Search Icon, Maggie Grace Quick Search Icon, Ryan Kwanten Quick Search Icon, Ralph Ineson Quick Search Icon.

As a massive hurricane builds, criminals infiltrate a U.S. Mint facility. Their plan: to steal $600 million and escape using a Category Five hurricane... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018

The Second Coming of Christ

Starring: Diana Angelson Quick Search Icon, Quinton Aaron Quick Search Icon, Jason London Quick Search Icon.

The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true faith can bring miracles.

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018

Tomb Raider

Starring: Alicia Vikander Quick Search Icon, Dominic West Quick Search Icon, Walton Goggins Quick Search Icon, Daniel Wu Quick Search Icon, Derek Jacobi Quick Search Icon.

Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she discovers the island where her fat... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018


Starring: Mari Ane Anderson Quick Search Icon, Robert Blanche Quick Search Icon, Mason Trevino Brown Quick Search Icon.

Dawn is ready to finish her senior year of high school when her neglectful, party loving mother is tragically killed, forcing Dawn to go to live with... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/6/2018


Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy Quick Search Icon, Olivia Cooke Quick Search Icon, Anton Yelchin Quick Search Icon.

Two upper-class teenage girls in suburban Connecticut rekindle their unlikely friendship after years of growing apart. Together, they hatch a plan to... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/5/2018


Starring: Natalie Portman Quick Search Icon, Jennifer Jason Leigh Quick Search Icon, Tessa Thompson Quick Search Icon, David Gyasi Quick Search Icon, Oscar Isaac Quick Search Icon, Gina Rodriguez Quick Search Icon, Benedict Wong Quick Search Icon, Tuva Novotny Quick Search Icon.

Biologist and former soldier Lena is shocked when her missing husband comes home near death from a top-secret mission into the Shimmer, a mysterious q... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/1/2018

Black Panther

Starring: Chadwick Boseman Quick Search Icon, Michael B. Jordan Quick Search Icon, Lupita Nyong'O Quick Search Icon, Danai Gurira Quick Search Icon, Martin Freeman Quick Search Icon, Daniel Kaluuya Quick Search Icon, Letitia Wright Quick Search Icon, Sterling K. Brown Quick Search Icon, Angela Bassett Quick Search Icon, Forest Whitaker Quick Search Icon, Andy Serkis Quick Search Icon.

King T'Challa returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as new leader. However, T'Challa soon... read more »

Icon  Posted on 6/1/2018
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