Disc Repair

Don’t throw away your scratched or damaged discs. Our machine will clean and resurface anything from a fingerprint to a deep gouge on any kind of disc: Music CD's, CD-ROMs, Sony PlayStation, PSone and PlayStation 2 game discs, Microsoft X-box game discs, Nintendo GameCube game discs, DVD Movies, double-sided DVD, VCD, CDR, DVDR, XBX360, HD DVD, PSX3 (contact us for details).


Disc Repair Terms & Conditions

The Martin County Public Library staff will use their judgment when repairing discs. The library assumes no responsibility for media or other customer-owned items lost or damaged during repair. In the event of damaged merchandise due to machine malfunction, we will contact you to pick up the damaged items. The customer is responsible for insuring any items sent to the Martin County Public Library.


We will make a reasonable attempt to repair the patron's media into like-new condition if possible, with the following understanding:
  1. Not all Media is repairable - we cannot repair cracked Discs or Discs where the data layer has been damaged by a very deep scratch, heat or chemical damage.
  2. While most repaired media will be returned in almost like-new condition, you may notice a very slight, barely noticeable circular pattern created during the wet sanding process, and you may notice text labeling near the center ring of the Disc worn away. This is normal and there's nothing we can do about it. It should not affect the playability of a repaired DVD, game disc or CD.
  3. While most returned media will be in substantially better condition than when received, we assume no responsibility for further damage caused by our process. For example, while repairing very deep gauges in a highly damaged disc, it is possible that during the process we may damage the disk while attempting to remove the deep scratch.
  4. Discs with very deep scratches have a possibility of damage to the data layer due to a full disc repair. We may elect to only partially repair the media in question. Using our judgment and experience we believe a partially repaired disc will yield better playability than a non-repaired or fully repaired disc.
  5. In the event that we elect not to repair a given piece or pieces of media, we will issue a full refund. Please use your judgment when giving us media for repair.
  6. We will only repair standard media sizes, any media smaller than a standard disc will not be repaired.
  7. We will charge a minimum of $3.00 per Disc. If the disc needs a second process another $3.00 will be charged and so on.

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