Adult Summer Reading Program

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Adult Summer Reading Program (Registration Form)

Dear Adult Summer Reader:

Each summer the Martin County Public Library and the Rufus Reed Branch Library provide a Summer Reading Program for the adults age 18 and above in our community. This year, we are in unchartered territory with our Summer Reading Program due to COVID-19. We have completely revamped our programs to online programs, and we hope that you will participate with us! All you need to do is register for the Summer Reading Program because we will draw each week for prizes. The prize winners will come from the names that have been registered. You may call the libraries to register at (606) 298-7766 for Inez or (606) 395-6500 for Lovely. We will have online registration forms on our website that you can fill out. Our website is Our Summer Reading Program is free for adults age 18 and above. We will have some do-it-yourself craft programs you can see on Facebook. If you have not already liked our Martin County Public Library Facebook page, just click like and you will see all the posts we make. We want to make this summer a special time for you, please fill out the registration form or call us to register!

PERMISSION & FORFEITURE : I hereby give permission for pictures to be taken by the libraries for use in newspapers, on the internet, etc. The Applicant for a minor child or participant in any, or all herein to forfeiture of all liability claims against anyone associated either directly or indirectly with the Martin County Public Library or the Rufus Reed Branch Library.

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